Hot Dip Galvanizing
Servicing California & Baja

Kettle dimensions 57ft * 3ft11' * 11 ft 5" wide

About us

Our Baja facility, built in 2015, is The Coatinc Company’s first galvanizing line in North America.

We collaborate with our customers every step of the way to ensure the best galvanizing quality. All our work is carried out to meet or exceed ASTM A123 standards.

As Germany’s oldest family-run business, founded in 1502,  The Coatinc Company  has been galvanizing steel for generations. As a group, we proudly partner on the largest steel projects worldwide, galvanizing around 450,000 tons of steel every year. 



Our core markets

Steel Construction

Large scale infrastructure and construction projects, including car parks, commercial and residential buildings, and schools.

Solar Structures

Solar piles, residential and commercial solar carports.



Truck and trailer parts, railway stations, airport parking and terminals.


Fast Turnaround

Reliable Trucking

Competitive Pricing


Some of our work

500+ years in business

The Coatinc Company (TCC) is a 500-year-old family business and one of the world’s leading companies in the field of surface treatment. Coatinc US serves not only automotive, truck & trailer businesses, but also large steel fabricators and construction companies throughout California and the Western United States.

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